Match 3 jewels of the same color and shape! A block breaking game for Kindle Fire and Android devices, developed by Neon Drawing.

BubbleXRush is a jewels puzzle game developed by game studio Neon Drawing.

Mix and Match!

Match three jewels or gems in order to score points. Play through multiple colorful stages and experience the increasing difficulty.

With limited moves and a time limit, be sure to think out a good strategy to get enough points to advance to the next stage. This puzzle game is developed by Neon Drawing Studios, one of the first Game Development studios in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

BubbleXRush is available through the Amazon Underground app and in China on supporting MIUI devices.

Game credits

Programming: Nihad Gondžo
Production: Asim Karic
Audio: Amina Gondžo

Developed by Neon Drawing Studios


Just Great Game.


Great Game. I cant wait for more games..


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