Project Sonymon

Battle and befriend your companion! Explore and solve mysteries, in this Point-Click Adventure mobile game, with a Turn-based battle system. 

Fix their mess!

Project Sonymon (Working Title) is an upcoming turn-based RPG game planned for release on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The project is still in development with no release date planned.

With multiple unused ideas and concept art, the Sonymon Team and Modoka Studios decided to revive the project with a larger audience in mind.


Project Sonymon (Working Title) originally appeared on the Sony PSP back in 2011 as a Homebrew game. With approximately 25000 downloads for this freeware, and reaching the top 10 spots on Dashhacks’ Homebrew Idol 4 competition, the project was a fun experiment.

The original Sonymon game has been streamed to 200,000+ viewers through Vinesauce on Twitch and YouTube. The games have turned into an inside joke/meme by their fans.


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