Saddies: Attack!!

Choose your weapon against endless waves of "Saddies" as the war continues. Guard yourself with power-ups, and strike when the time is right in this arcade game.

4.2 stars on Google Play

Saddies: Attack!!Google Play4.2

Become more powerful by collecting the right power-ups. Be sure to get a higher score than your previous try and be the sole survivor, in a quest to defend your soul.

Save the galaxy!

The galaxy is under attack by the Saddies. The Saddies are out to claim the last remaining soul in the world. The player needs to defend his soul by controlling a space vehicle named the SGD-37. To do so, he can collect various power-ups to shoot the Saddies down. You’re earth’s last hope!

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Control the SGD-37 spaceship and avoid the shooting and randomly decending Saddies. On mobile devices you can control the spaceship by tilting your mobile device. This motion control gives the player the ability to move. Use the touchscreen on your device to shoot lasers towards the enemies. This proces works on PC a bit different. On PC the player uses the arrow-keys for control and spacebar to shoot.

Game credits

Programming: Adam T. Ryder
Production: Adam T. Ryder
Project Manager: Fouad Foumo
Audio: Dan O’Connor
Visual Arts: Bruno Brupibo
Promotional Material: TTS (TheTombRaider)


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