Over the years our logo has made small changes, but the core remains the same. Dating back to our original “Lumodokate Studios” logo, there are some details that displays our company. For example: The second “O” in MODOKA has more backstory to it than many think.

lumodokate logoSince our first (official) logo in 2012, our “iconic” “⨁” has been the same. The second “O” was intended to resemble a cross-hair and planet earth symbol, and the  due to the developers’ love for FPS games, and being “down to earth”. The rainbow below the text, was added to display the “variety” of our company. We at MODOKA (f.k.a. Lumodokate) didn’t want to limit ourselves to one genre of gaming.  The logo was in use from 2012 til 2014, until our re-branding.



In 2015 our company launched into a more serious structure, with the debut of our new logo. The logo, designed by Cam A, has a more mature and modern look, and ditches the Indie feel which our company embraced during our 2012-2014 era. The “⨁” symbol fits perfect.


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