Webtastic AD


Webtastic App Development, is a division of Modoka Studios. At WAD, we want to improve our project, Webtastic. Here we want to add new features, and ideas. The main idea behind Webtastic, is to save storage space on your Android device, by visiting the website through our app. You can say that Webtastic is a bookmarker, with the popular sites already bookmarked.

We want to receive as much feedback as possible, so feel free to express your thoughts.

The reason for the development of Webtastic, was because we ourselves had limited storage space on our smartphones. Visit your favorite Social Media websites, now, through the Webtastic portal.

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Modoka Publishing

Modoka Publishing, is a division of Modoka Studios.Modoka-Studios-Publishing1

At the publishing side, we want to assist small, and up-and-coming developers by releasing their projects. Our number one priority at the moment are free games. Through Modoka Publishing, we have established some great working relationships with other developers all over the world.

Modoka Publishing consists of our Localisation and Publishing employees.

They will help up-and-coming developers translate their games to Dutch, English and German languages. They will assist you on how to bring your game to the biggest audience possible. What is yours, stays yours, because we at Modoka Studios respect every piece of art people create.

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PSVITA-Media.nl, is a now defunct subsidiary of Modoka Studios.

From 2005 til 2015 PSVITA-Media.nl (formally known as PSP-Media.nl) was the main site for Dutch and Belgian PSP and PSVita enthusiasts. Here, you could find the latest news regarding games, rumors, software and reversed engineering. With more than 25000 users, and 1 million page-views,  PSVITA-Media.nl was the place to be for every PSP and PSVita owner.

The website was owned by M-Tuning from 2005 til 2012. Due the lack of interest, the staff and users decided to end a 10 year scene.

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