3 Android games to be released in China + Release Data

Earlier this week, we’ve announced that we would release DefenderWorks in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Hereby, we are adding BubbleXRush and Soul Survivor to the mix. We will be releasing these three games on the same day in China. These games are set for release somewhere in August.

“We wanted to release these games individually in China, but since these games have been playable for a while elsewhere, it took away the importance. We will keep these special announcements for exclusive titles. With BubbleXRush and Soul Survivor’s original releases back in 2014, these aren’t our latest projects.” – Dre van Dam

DefenderWorks has also an upcoming Google Play release, with no release date.

Projectile Guardian
Android / Fire OS / MIUI
Fire OS / MIUI
Saddies: Attack!!
Android / Mac / PC / VITA

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