After BubbleXRush, DefenderWorks and Soul Survivor will also be released in China

Earlier this year, our site reported that a lot of our interests lies in the Far-East. After we’d announce that BubbleXRush is planned to release in China, we have also began to work on a Chinese version for DefenderWorks.

DefenderWorks is a simple and abstract missile-shooting arcade inspired mobile game, produced and programmed by Adam Ryder. Adam created this game to be one of those “time-killing games”. If you’re waiting a few minutes for the bus, pull out your phone, and destroy the missiles. DefenderWorks doesn’t drain a lot of battery. With this aim in mind, we want to make DefenderWorks bigger.

Defend the impenetrable fortress from incoming enemy missiles! Send your own missiles hurtling towards your enemies with the tap of a finger or click of a mouse. Don’t worry if a few baddies break through your defenses, if they hit the fortress they just fizzle out…


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