DefenderWorks announced for Kindle Fire

Hereby, we at MODOKA are glad to announce to you: DefenderWorks. DefenderWorks is a relaxing, time-killing mobile game in which you have to shoot down missiles. This game is developed by ATRcade, and we are glad to partner once again with ATRcade, in a successful effort to release DefenderWorks to a larger audience.

Defend the impenetrable fortress from incoming enemy missiles! Send missiles hurtling towards the enemy with the tap of a finger or click of a mouse.

DefenderWorks is very colorful. DefenderWorks is compatible with mobile phones and tablets running Android 2.0 and up, also available for Windows and Mac OS X. DefenderWorks Android runs in both portrait or landscape mode and supports any Android screen resolution.

“DefenderWorks is more about killing time than missiles. Should you find yourself waiting for a flight, bus, or maybe your significant other is taking a while getting ready for that big dinner load up a game of DefenderWorks and blow a few minutes watching some colorful particles fly across your computer or mobile screen.” – Adam Ryder

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