Project Sonymon announced

So, Project Sonymon.. Something new? Well, this project has been around for almost three years now, but somewhat different that what you’re going to expect in the future. Below you can read some information regarding the project, however, the information is mainly regarding to the PSP version, which will be no where near the final product…

Created by the founder of KosmicSoft Development, Sonymon (Homebrew) is a role-playing game, and back when it first released, one of a kind PSP Homebrew.

After 9 beta releases, the first “stable” Sonymon version was released on Dec 31, 2011 for the Sony PSP. However, we are heading a whole new direction with this. We new innovative ideas and concepts, we are trying to remove the similarity, because, well we don’t want to get our game taken down, do we?

Sonymon was not a simple Homebrew game to make. With somewhat 15000 lines of code, this game took much time to create.The gameplay is similar to the famous Pokémon franchise, despite being able to catch other creatures. You can train your comrade Sonymon, and help to stop the outraging wild Sonymon.The v0.3 update added new characters, which were either heavily or fully influenced by the Pokémon bootleg game Pokémon Chaos Black. Some of these sprites remained the same name respectively.
Since Aug. 2014, the project is heading a new direction, with new sprites, controls worlds and ideas. The project will be carried out by Modoka Studios, and likely appear on iOS and Android devices.

The idea now is, to make Project Sonymon an exciting turn-based RPG game, with point-click visuals. At the moment, we are experimenting with different programmers, and different engines. We’re throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. It is an exciting adventure, and we would to welcome any help people can offer.

  • Thanks to benwhippet for the new graphics, which were previously redesigned by omnomlicious.
  • Thanks to jharkendaro for making the awesome icon with help from benwhippet‘s character recreation.
  • Thanks to V@ughnAnubis NineMewthree Inc. for some of the character design.
  • Thanks to v_4M for creating a wallpaper out of benwhippet‘s design.
  • Thanks to Justin Other Design for creating a logo.
  • Thanks to Hapeyron for the Teaser Trailer, and all his other help!
  • And of course, thanks to all the fans who’ve been supportive since day one!

norbonge-new  zipuma-new  Arsande-Wallpaper

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