Saddies: Attack!! release delayed for PS Vita and Fire TV

With Saddies: Attack!! being finalized for an official release, the PS Vita version has to sit this one out, according to our Project Manager Dre van Dam.

Developing for the PS Vita is not something up our alley. With the Android version being as good as done, the Vita version needs a lot of work. The idea is to release the other versions first, and then aim all our focus on the PS Vita version. Saddies: Attack!! won’t be released anytime soon…

The same can be said about the Fire TV release. Bringing Saddies: Attack!! to the living room will cost more time than expected. While Fire TV has been the only official set-top box announcement, we are searching for new ways to bring our games to different set-top boxes. The PS Vita version won’t be released on the same day as the Fire TV version, though. Both version need more attention individually, and since there is no official release date on the horizon, so we can take our time to polish the game up.

The Android and Windows versions will release in between Q3-Q4. Produced and programmed by Adam Ryder. More news on these versions somewhere in the future. As for the Mac OS X versions, be sure to keep up to date with the news.

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