"Saddies: Attack!! - The repacked Soul Survivor sequel"

After a successful partnership with 1337 Gallery / ATRcade, we decided to expand Soul Survivor to much more. Hereby we’re announcing Saddies: Attack!!

While Soul Survivor was mainly aimed at the Kindle Fire devices, we want to expand Saddies: Attack!! to bigger and better things. Perhaps a handheld release?

Nothing is too big, as we try to expand Soul Survivor into a franchise, the “Saddies” franchise, with Saddies: Attack!! being the first release!

The name has been inspired by the creator of the original Soul Survivor game, Adam Ryder. In Soul Survivor, you have to retaliate against the bad guys, Saddies. Where do these guys come from? What is this space-like world? Why are they the bad guys? Many questions, and we would like to answer them with upcoming games.

With new icons, logos and artwork, we try to push these ideas to the limit, and in the process, enjoying creating this franchise. Thank you for following us along this journey, through the galaxy that is the Saddies universe.


“PC / Mac releases on GameJolt, and Nokia X”

Saddies: Attack!! has been released on GameJolt for PC and Mac users! We are very excited to share this news with you. Please head over to GameJolt by pressing their logo below, and leave your thoughts. On GameJolt, you can also download extras, like the official soundtrack of Soul Survivor / Saddies: Attack!! for free. Special thanks to Dan-O for composing City of Innocence, the soundtrack of the official trailer.

The original Soul Survivor will be released soon for Nokia X devices on the Opera App Store. The first version will be just like Soul Survivor, but once the new Saddies: Attack!! game is released, the updated version will be just like the other ones.




As for the Android version, we still don’t have an release date. Be sure to keep up to date for more information!

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