Soul Survivor on the Big screen? Ideas and more

Every time the game is almost ready to be released, the team and the fans bring new ideas. We are really thankful for that, but because of that, we gladly had throw our current release plans through the window.




“When is the released date?”

Well, we don’t know either. With Amazon’s help, we managed to publish a preview version on the Amazon App Store a few months ago. The plan was to release the full version the following month on Google Play, but you might have noticed, it isn’t there yet.

The plan is (currently) to finish all the versions and ports, and release them all at the same time for free. So we are trying now to get a Gamepad support for the upcoming OUYA and Fire TV versions, and release those at the same time as the Android, Kindle Fire (full version), Nokia X, PC, and MAC OS X. The PS Vita version isn’t quite there yet, so that version has to wait…


Preview the game now!

Through the Amazon App Store you can preview Soul Survivor for your Kindle Fire and Android now! And guess what, the same counts for the PC, MAC and Linux versions! For those versions head to 1337 Gallery or our homepage now!

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