Imperia Online Ltd.

Imperia Online Ltd. is a Bulgarian game production company and publisher founded by Moni Dochev and Dobroslav Dimitrov.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the company originally concentrated primarily on browser-based games with their main title being Imperia Online, but later started developing mobile games as well.



A video game studio from Columbus, Ohio, USA. The studio is specialized in creating games in Flash, and creating games with the Unity3D game engine.

The projects that are provided on the website are free to use and modify for commercial or promotional purposes, as stated on the website. The studio is solely run by nomadic programmer Adam T. Ryder.

Adam has contributed to the past, present and future of MODOKA. Taking care of our additional programming and production of multiple games.


Bee Tracks

Located in Brazil, this one-man Indie studio started as a sound design studio and now it is an indie studio working primarily on casual games, focused on web. Since 2015, spun-off into a indie company that produces fun, and good looking browser games.

Releasing their first project mid 2015, Bee Tracks isn’t slowing down. With more titles being developed, this sound design studio turned indie game studio is looking to grow it’s library.

The man behind Bee Tracks, Brupibo, is also Modoka Studios’ video editor. Our awesome trailers are being created by this mastermind.